Meet the Team

For more than 30 years, Dr. C. William Groesch, Dr. Thomas J. Longos, Dr. Bethany R. Middleton, and their incredible staff have successfully met the orthodontic needs in the Springfield and Jacksonville areas. Every patient is treated as a unique individual and each smile as a custom case. Our premier orthodontic practice, not only develops sensational smiles, we help people achieve great oral health.

Our philosophy is to treat each of our patients the way we like to be treated: with respect and personal care. You will see this idea put into practice when you visit the office and meet our team. The friendly faces you see on our website would love to meet you and answer some of the questions you may have concerning your teeth and orthodontics.

Meet the Assistants

Our orthodontic assistants will help you prepare for your visit with the doctor. They ask if you have any concerns regarding your treatment, check to see if there are any loose or broken appliances, and assist the doctor with the treatment process. 

From Left to Right:

Susie, Clinical Coordinator                                Lindsey, Orthodontic Assistant
Dena, Orthodontic Assistant                             Whitney, Orthodontic Assistant
Ashley, Orthodontic Assistant                           Bonnie, Orthodontic Assistant
Erin, Orthodontic Assistant                               Diane, Orthodontic Assistant
Megan, Orthodontic Assistant                           Tracey, Orthodontic Assistant
Sara, Orthodontic Assistant                              Brittany, Orthodontic Assistant                

Meet the Front Office:

From left to right:
April, Office Manager: Oversees the general office function, answers financial questions, and makes appointments

Shelley, Lab Technichian: Responsible for making all orthodontic retainers and appliances

Pam, Financial Coordinator: Sets up payment plans, works with insurance companies, answers financial questions

Deanna, Receptionist: Answers questions and makes appointments when you call our practice

Lori, Treatment Coordinator: Meets new patients and reviews treatment plans as patients begin orthodontic treatment

Marci, Receptionist: Answers questions and makes appointments when you call our practice