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Contests, prizes, and new smiles! We invite you to visit our practice and find out what's new this month. We recently had TINGRINORTHO t-shirts made and the only way to get one is to win one of our office contest, so be sure to enter the contest when your in for your appointments. We will always give one token per item of food brought in for the food bank up to 5 items per visit. 

November 2016: We are again buying back Halloween Candy! Bring in your unwanted candy and recieve 2 tokens per pound up to 5 pounds. This year the candy will be donated to the food pantry. 

October: October is National Orthodontic Health Month. We will be buying back your halloween candy, that you shouldn't be eating anyway, to send over seas to the troops! You will earn 2 tokens per pound of candy up to 5 lbs. 

February -March: Bring in pet supplies for the APL in Springfield or PAWS in Jacksonville to have your name enterd into a drawing to decide which of our doctors will be kissing a PIG!!!! Your name will be put into a drawing for each item that you bring in to be donated and on April 1st we will draw one name from Springfield and one name from Jacksonville. The names that are drawn get to choose a doctor to kiss a pig!


December: We are again collecting toys which will be donated to Contact Ministries in Springfield and New Directions Shelter in Jacksonville. Bring in any new toy between now and December 19th to receive 10 extra tokens.  

November Contest: Dr. Middleton will be having her baby soon! Go to out Facebook page to place your vote on when, weight, length, hair, and more. Also, give your suggestion as to what the babies name should be.

October is National Orthodontic Health Month! Here's how we are celebrating:
There is a huge spider web in our contest area, see if you can guess how many feet of dental floss it took for our little spiders to build the web. The person that has the closest guess will win Ihome Bluetooth speakers & a gift bucket.

On Friday October 31st the office staff will be dressing up, the staff member that gets the most number of votes on their costume will have a donation to the charity of their choice. 

Finally, we will be buying back all of that Halloween candy that is on your do not eat list with your braces on. You can bring in your candy from October 31st -November 28th to earn extra tokens.  You will receive 2 tokens for each pound up to 5 pounds for your candy. The candy that is collected will be donated to Operation Shoe Box, who then will send the candy to our soldiers over seas.  

June, July, August:

We are bringing back the Flat Doctor contest again this year! Stop and grab a doctor to take on your vacation. There will be many categories for you to choose from. All you have to do is start taking pictures!  

Also, see if you can guess how many tokens are in the jar of sea shells. If you get the correct number you win that number of tokens to spend in the prize cabinet.

March, April, May 2014: 

Do you know who this baby is? Stop by and see if you can match the staff memeber to their baby picture!

February 2014:

Match the kiss to the correct employee!

January 2014:

Stop by and tell us your New Year's resolution. Write your New Year's resolution on one of our snow balls for your chance to win one of our TINGRINORTHO t-shirts.


November/December 2013:

We will be collecting NEW toys for Christmas, you may bring in 1 new unwrapped toy  in exchange for 10 tokens. There is a limit of 10 tokens per patient. The toys collected in Springfield will be donated to Contact Ministries for those families that will be staying with them for the holidays. The toys collected in the Jacksonville office will be donated to New Directions to be given to those families for Christmas.

November 2013:


In honor of Veteran's Day we would like to display photos of your favorite military man or woman in uniform on our Facebook page. 

Please MESSAGE us the photo via Facebook. 

With your photo please include their name, and a description of the photo, or at least tell us a little bit about what makes your veteran special to you.  

We will put the photos up to display on our Facebook page on November 1st. People will have until Veteran's Day at Noon, Monday, November 11th, to "like" your photo. The photo with the most amount of "likes" will be our winner!



October 2013- October is National Orthodontic Health Month

We have a couple of different things happening this month. Pick a National Orthodontic Health Month coloring sheet and return it for extra tokens. Also, come by and guess the weight of our large pumpkin to win a prize.


September 2013 - Orthodontic Word Search

See how many words you can find that have to do with orthodontics. The are 3 different levels of difficulty so test your eyes and your brain today! 


JULY 2013- Hidden Treasure Sand Search

Come dig through the sand and see what you can find! For your chance to win of our office  t-shirts!




SUMMER 2013- Stop by and pick up your "Flat Dr. Longos" or "Flat Dr. Groesch" to take on your summer vacation. There are 12 categories for prizes. The more photos you take the better your chances are of winning. Below is the list of categories.

12 Categories for "Flat Doctor"

1) Farthest distance

2) Shortest distance

3) Most Patriotic

4) Most People

5) In the air

6) In the water

7) Sporting Event

8) Concert

9) State or National Landmark

10) Ethnic Festival

11) Most unique pose

12) International Trip

Have Fun!


April 2013- Guess the number of M&M's in the jar.

Stop by the office to guess the number of M&M's in the jar. Not just the total number of M&M's, but also the number of the individual colors. Who's ready for a challenge?

The winner will receive the jar of M&M's and another prize to be determined.

Congratulations to those that won in the M&M contest!


January 2013 - The Winner of the smile contest is Alexis Pryor. Alexis won 4 passes to the Route 66 Drive-In. Congratulations!!!!

Come by and see how well you know famous smiles.

We have clipped smile photos of famous people and it is your job to see how well you know the smiles of those we watch on TV and  in the movies and a few that we love to listen to their music! Good Luck!


December 2012

Stop by the office and guess the number of ornaments in the jar for a chance to win Springfield Jr. Blues Tickets (for Springfield location). The prize for the Jacksonville location is to be determined.

Congratulations to Royce H. for winning the Jr. Blues hockey tickets



November 2012

Stop by and help us add to our Turkey feathers by telling us what your thankful for. By doing so you are entering to win a movie night bucket!




October 2012

Like us on Facebook between now and October 31st for your chance to win a $25 Itunes gift card!

Congratulations to Dawn Hauer, who was the winner of our $25 Itunes gift card!

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